Experience Mobile Video Poker Online

Sometimes casino enthusiasts love more than one game, liking the features of both games and wishing that these games would somehow be amalgamated into one. Well that wish has now come true with software developers creating the fun game of video poker. It takes the best of the classic poker game and combines it with the best of slots – so now poker fans and slot fanatics have the best of both worlds. And with a combination like this, played on a popular hand held device, it is no wonder why mobile video poker is such a popular and regularly played casino game. Put simply, it is poker played on a slot machine. Like the classic game of poker, the player’s objective is to have the best five-card hand after being dealt cards from the dealer.

The final cards will be compared with the typical well known poker hands and then the player will win an amount according to the screen’s pay table. The higher the wager, the more the winnings will be, so with this game it is important to bet high. If you do not know the poker hands, why not do a bit of research and get to know these hands. Royal flush and straight flush are the best hands you can get, so strive for those when playing mobile video poker. If you’ve never played this game before most mobile casinos will offer free fun mode where players can spend time on the games, learning and building their skills while practising. There is also real money mode where players play for real money and stand a chance to win generous jackpots and awesome cash rewards.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

With every gambling being different, boasting different likes and dislikes, it is important for mobile casinos to have different games and different versions of these games within their online suite. Mobile video poker for real money is no different, with a variety of variations available on the market, each sporting different rules and paytables, among other gaming features.

If you want to start slow, there are single hand video pokers games, as well as multi hand games for the experts.  To find these casinos that offer mobile video poker, you can visit some of the casino directories and reputable online casino sites available to find recommended lists of them.

Why is Video Poker Great for Mobile?

Top brand casino software developers have taken this game to a new level, having completely transformed it, adapted it and rendered it for the mobile phone. With striking graphics, visual effects and animations presented perfectly on your mobile screen, it’s like being at a land based casino, but you’re playing on the go.

The portable, wireless device makes for convenient game play anytime, anywhere. Users of mobile video poker can claim unique rewards and bonuses that are specifically given to mobile users only – they are awarded for their preference. The mobile phone has been upgraded to such an extent that banking can now be done safely and securely, so you can withdrawal or deposit money into you casino account whilst on the go.