Land Based Casino vs Online Casino

The land based casino has lost a lot of its attraction during the last decade or so as the online casino has grown dramatically in popularity and availability. In countries like the United States, which have strict financial laws regarding gambling money, the land based casino has a bit of an unfair advantage over the online one.  There are many more people out there that have free access to them and they’ve continued to thrive, despite the legal setbacks that they are met with sometimes.

If we’re comparing the online casino with its land based equivalent, we’ll have to cover a few different things, which are generally important to people that use them.

Let’s face it, the online casino is so much easier to use and access than a casino that is land based. Unless you’re based in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, getting to a casino requires that you get in your car and drive quite a bit, and it’s also something that you have to plan for in advance. You have to dress up and you have to spend a few hours there and if you’re having a bad night, you cannot get home quickly and you would have wasted a lot of time for nothing.

Online casinos don’t have this problem. You can start the online casinos software in a few seconds, or you can just open it up in the browser if the site you are frequenting has an instant play version available. You can spend only 5 minutes, or you can spend 6 hours – it’s all up to you and lady luck. It’s open 24/7, and you can even play from your tablet or mobile phone so you can be in a train or bus, as long as an Internet connection is available.

In this category, the online casino is the clear winner.

While online casinos can be lots of fun a land based casino has the advantage of its social component. You sit at a table with other players, and you might just make some new friends, or get to joke around with them. At a land based casino you can also go with your friends, and you can gamble together, for a guy’s night out, or for a bachelor/bachelorette party. The old style casinos have the advantage here.

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Online Casino Games

Depending on the type of game you want to play, either one of these casinos can take the prize here. You get a lot more options when you go online, and at a single casino you can find every single type of roulette that exists, or hundreds of themed pokies games. On the other hand, regular online casinos can give you a better experience because it’s more fun to be at a real roulette table than it is to click a button with your mouse.

We’ll call the online casino the winner of this category, mainly because of the advantages that players have when choosing the better paying variants of a game, instead of being stuck with whatever type the casino offers.