Enjoy Exclusive promotions

Exclusive promotions are ones that you can only find in certain places, offered for a certain website, with the purpose of getting visitors to test a casino by giving them a great deal. An exclusive deal is generally not available anywhere else, though it’s quite possible that something similar will be found on other sites as well.

The content of the actual exclusive promotions can be pretty much anything. It can be any kind of promotion that the online casino already offers, only a little bit better to justify the exclusivity and to give people a good reason to sign-up, and hopefully make a first deposit as well. This article will cover some of the rewards that a player can claim as part of an exclusive promo. You will find that there is no limit to the type or size of the bonus that is being offered. It can be a cash promotion, consist of free games, provide access to tournaments, entry to a VIP club or it anything else that the casino decides.

One of the ways a casino can help players decide to sign-up with them is by giving better online casino match bonuses when the player adds funds to his account. The casino can keep the maximum bonus amount at the same level if they want to, but they could increase the match bonus, so the player would have to deposit less to get the same bonus amount. For example, increasing the match bonus from 100% to 150%, but keeping the maximum amount at $300, would allow the player to claim that money by depositing $200, instead of $300. That’s one example of an exclusive promotion that would get any player’s attention.

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Bigger Bonuses

The other side of the coin when it comes to deposit bonuses is to increase the maximum amount that is offered to the new players whilst keeping the percentage of the match bonus at the same level. An example would be an increase of the bonus from $200 to $300, but the player has to increase the amount he deposits to claim the extra cash.

Other Types of Exclusive Casino Promotions

A deposit bonus is the one that seems to be most popular, but it’s definitely not the only one that can be offered. A casino can also offer a visitor a small no deposit bonus, which they can use to test the games that are available and find out how profitable they can be. This kind of promotion doesn’t even have to be normally available to people that visit the casino, it can be a truly exclusive promotions, that is only available on a certain site and if visitors know that they’re not going to find it anywhere else, they will appreciate it and take advantage of it. That’s the kind of exclusive promotion you want to see, something that is not available elsewhere, not even on the main site of the casino.