Mobile Blackjack in New Zealand

Blackjack is the Titanic of all ships, the big cheese – the most popular table game world-wide. This is a card game of skill and luck between the player and the dealer. So with regards to a social game, blackjack is definitely not. The players’ objective is to beat the dealer using his or her two cards, either by getting 21 points on the first two cards given by the dealer, the dealer’s cards exceeding 21, or by having a higher score then the dealer without passing the 21 mark. Kings, queens and jacks are worth ten points, an ace is either counted as one or 11 points and all other number cards are counted by their numeric value. If you would like more cards after your initial two card hand out, then you take another card or “hit” as it is popularly phrased.  Then both parties show their cards and the winning person is decided based on those cards. Mobile Blackjack is the same as the games played in an NZ online casino, however with a few more benefits added in.

Benefits of Mobile Blackjack

We all know how the mobile has changed our everyday lives, and now gamblers are witnessing how it is changing casinos and the playing done within them.  Reputable and creative software developers and well known online casino operators have transformed this game into something extraordinary. Playing this game on the go means you can play anytime of the day, anywhere you choose and even in the comfort of your own home at your own pace and convenience.  These software and game developers have created mobile blackjack in such a way that it renders perfectly on the device – making the sounds, graphics, visual effects and other gaming features better.

Overall, players enjoying blackjack on their phones will experience overall superior, fast game play. There are also many online casinos that offer this game, making the choices endless and allowing players the opportunity to compare them and chose the best one for him or her. Players only using a mobile to play this game will have access to exclusive mobile jackpots and cash rewards given to people who exclusively play blackjack on the go.

Free and Real Money Gaming

Mobile blackjack is available in fun mode, where players can spend hours trying out different versions, improving their skills and practising until their heart’s content. Or play on real money mode and win generous jackpots and cash rewards.  Safe and secure banking methods are available on the go, so players can rest assure knowing that depositing and withdrawing money is done safely. These games also offer online casinos customer service around the clock, ensuring efficient non-stop game play.  Gamblers can also use instant play – so with no mess or fuss, they can start having a fun time on their mobile.

Game on your Smart Phone or Tablet

Mobile blackjack is also available on most of the mobile devices on the market including Android, iPhone, Blackberry’s and other popular name brands. So no matter what device you have, you can enjoy blackjack on the move. However, before starting this game it is advised that you research the strategies and terminology, making sure that you understand the game and its rules. Also read the terms and conditions stated by each online casino and ensure that the variation of this card game chosen offers you the best odds.

With Mobile Blackjack you can enjoy many hours of adrenalin-pumping, fast paced action, and hopefully increase your bank roll on the go.