Video poker – It’s better on an iPhone

Playing video poker in a land based casino is fun, but playing it on an iPhone device – one of the top mobile makes on the market – is even better. iPhone video poker is based on a game that is a five-card draw poker used on a computerised device, similar to that of a typical slot machine. However this casino game is changed, tweaked and adapted for game play on this mobile device, and is transformed into a fantastic mobile version that offers everything you would come to expect from this game. It offers plentiful hours of fun and entertainment, with the added benefits of using your thinking cap – using strategies and skills to win big.  In addition, you get to play this game on a high tech device which offers striking graphics, high speed and connectivity, good quality animations and sounds and a large screen display. This device makes the whole game play experience of mobile video poker that much more thrilling and enjoyable. In short, iPhone video poker combines the fun of slots with the skills used in poker, plus lady luck on the side.  Like normal poker, the objective of this game is to have the best poker hand possible like a Royal Flush or Straight Flush.

How Do I Play iPhone Video Poker?

Firstly, in iPhone video poker a player must place a wager – whether it is a large amount and opens up all of the video poker columns on the paytable, or is a small amount and only allows you to play with one or two columns. The more columns you open up, the higher the amount will be if you get a good hand and win. You are then given between five and seven cards, depending on the game version you are using. The player can then choose to get rid of some of the cards for new ones, or hold onto all of his or her cards, in an effort to make a much better hand. This is done by tapping the cards shown on the mobile screen. Whether the gambler keeps the first cards or not, the second draw appears and if he or she has a winning hand after this they will win a payout which is relative to the first wager placed. iPhone video poker offers many different payouts, bonuses and cash rewards exclusive for players choosing to play this specific game on this particular device.

Learn and Then Practice

If you are an inexperienced player and do not know how the game works, as well as the different hand combinations used, it is important for you to research and read thoroughly up on this game. Once you have read everything there is to know about iPhone video poker then why not play on the iPhones free play option? Here you can discover the online casino world and spend hours practising on this game, testing your skills and acquiring new strategies to prepare you for when you play for real – all this at no cost.  So what are you waiting for – get reading and then practicing and once you’re in the loop, get on your mobile and start playing and winning.