Enjoy iPhone Craps in New Zealand

When you think of the iPhone a few characteristics come to mind – a big screen, top notch quality display, quick speed and state-of-the-art technology. The iPhone is one of the top devices on the market, not only for its general uses like email and apps, but in particular for its online gaming abilities. Add to this an online game of craps, one of the most popular dice casino games, and you have a combination that works well together – the perfect product for any casino enthusiast.  So why is it a perfect match?  Due to its state-of-the-art technology, iPhone Craps has real life simulation which is evident during game play; as if you are sitting in a real land based casino. The authentic table layout, a “rolling” dice, sound effects and stunning graphics are made even better with this phone – which boost these features to the next level. This mobile device is able to handle the online casino software and gaming aspects easily, and includes all the crap bets and table functions one would expect at a real casino.

What is Mobile Craps?

In a game of craps, dice is the star of the show with the bets revolving around a pair of them. Gamblers place a wager on what they hope will be the outcome of the rolled dice – betting on the numbers they think the dice will show after being rolled.  They can wage on either a single dice roll or on a multiple of rolls. A table game is not a table game unless you are betting against someone else and mobile craps is no different with gamers betting against other players or against the bank itself.  However with online craps the social aspect is missing so the player will generally bet on the bank, unless playing an online casino social game of craps where other participants are involved. To start the online iPhone Craps game, gamblers will play a pass line bet which is when a person will make a wager, not below the bare minimum table bet, on the pass line way before another person or the bank begins their roll of the dice.  The person then taps the dice on the mobile screen which then moves to the bottom of the screen and is then flicked.  Bets can be made at any time during game play.

A Newbie to the Craps Game

If you have never played iPhone Craps before but desire to know how, luckily the iPhone provides pop up information during game play, as well as a tutorial for inexperienced players. Using this, players can discover the exciting world of craps, learn how to play reading the helpful tips and suggestions, and then create their own gaming strategies for more profitable gaming. All one has to do is tap on the table area on the screen and the information is quickly brought up for easy use. The thorough tutorial informs users on how to place different wagers, access menus, roll the dice and other useful game play information.  What is beneficial about this Phone Craps online game is that every bet you place has a sub-menu which explains what the wager is and the odds and possible payouts associated with this bet. If gamers want to keep track of their wins and losses, the mobile game does track these for efficient review. A dice flicking/rolling action is available for those who prefer this “real” rolling simulation, or a manual/rolling mode is also available on iPhone Craps.