NZ iPhone Baccarat Games

Using a 52-card deck, this game is all about the points. iPhone Baccarat involves not only skill on behalf of the player, the ability to assess the banker’s cards, but it also relies on luck. Similar to iPhone blackjack, a player is given two cards and places a bet depending on his or her cards. If the cards are good, the bet will be higher and vice versa.  To win in this game a person must build up a total score of eight or nine points using only two cards – these are the winning numbers. If you have cards two to 10, these count as the number value on the card i.e. a two is a two and a nine is a nine. If you have an ace, you have one point and if you have a king, queen or jack, they are counted as zero points.

If you end up with a score of 10 or more points, you must then take away 10 points from your total cards score and the number left is your total score which you present to the dealer. If you have a total score of eight or nine you win big at iPhone Baccarat, but if you have closer numbers to these points then the dealer, then you also win but a lesser amount. If the dealer has better cards then you, you will sadly loose. Gamblers can either bet on their own cards, the banker’s cards or on a bet that entails both you and the banker getting the same number – this is a harder bet to predict but the rewards are greater if a tie does happen. In short, iPhone Baccarat is a casino game between you and the dealer.

Why play?

Mobile games have created a new set of advantages for playing on the go that land based casinos fail to achieve. Firstly you can play anytime of the day and anywhere you desire. Secondly, you can play in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and convenience. Thirdly, when playing iPhone Baccarat you have access to cash rewards and fun surprises that are exclusively made for iPhone users, as well as the particular casino version of baccarat that comes with the phone and all of its little sweet add-ons and features.  The iPhone also boasts reputable and safe online banking methods so gamblers will be reassured that their money is safe and sound. Signing up on the online casinos using this device is also simple, so players can start gambling right away and not have to waste time.

iPhone Baccarat also provides free play where players can learn and discover the world of gambling at no cost, as well as real money play.  But most of all, players using this phone are playing on one of the best devices on the market so they experience better sounds, game features, animations and graphics all displayed on a bigger, clearer screen. The high technology used to build these phones help in assisting smoother game play and ensuring that the casino software runs smoother and more efficiently on the phone – so players will experience no disconnections or freezes during game play.

Have fun with iPad baccarat now and discover a great game with even greater rewards!