Best iPad Video Poker in New Zealand

iPad video poker brings the most popular casino game straight to your tablet. It gives the opportunity for real money players to enjoy a great poker challenge levelled against some of the best odds offered by any casino.  Now, the chance to enjoy the high-quality graphics and animation with the added bonus of amazing sound effects specially designed for your iPad is only a quick trip to the App Store away, or a visit to your favourite online casino!

What are your Video Poker Options?

There are so many different variations of video poker to choose from although the original game, Jacks or better, is the most popular by far. With iPad video poker you can also choose to play other variants such as Loose deuces, Sevens wild, Joker poker, Bonus poker, Double jackpot, Deuces wild, Pick’em, Aces and eights, 7 stud, Mystery bonus or even All-American video poker. The options seem endless! It is always recommended however to get a feel for mobile video poker by trying out Jacks or better, for a taste of the classic.

And if you need to learn the ropes and practice before getting settled in to playing for real money there are great Apps like Winpoker that offer training options and capabilities!

What Makes Video Poker Different?

Firstly, in iPad video poker you’re not pitched against the dealer or another player but rather against a pre-set pay table. If you hold a strong hand, meaning a pair of jacks or better, you win regardless of what the dealer or other player might have had. If you hold a weak hand of perhaps a pair of tens or weaker then you automatically lose.

What sets video poker apart is that the Expected Return can be calculated by looking at the pay table. A better hand (according to traditional poker hands) yields a greater return. In other words, you would win more for a hand that comprises of a full house than you would for a hand that holds a pair.

The difference between playing iPad video poker and slots or other reel-pay games is the fact that the considerations of a winning hierarchy come strongly into play. Video poker is a game of strategy, not pure chance. Another point to note is that the odds for video poker are much better than the odds for slots and the opportunity for skill to aid you in achieving better results adds to the allure of video poker. In video poker you make the decision as to which cards you hold on to and which ones you discard. This could greatly affect the outcome, unlike real games where player intervention makes absolutely no difference (barring the amount chosen to bet which would affect how much you win or lose).

Supporting Video Poker Apps

Apps like the Video Poker Pay Table App show you the percentages that will be returned for the most popular video poker games. Simple to use, you select the pay table and the game you’re playing and the app works out the percentage pay back you can expect. Start winning with iPad video poker today and take the fun of this hybrid slots-poker game with you wherever you go!